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Climbing and Abseiling

It’s funny how things turn out, you’re stuck for an idea for a meeting, you phone a family friend (Hi Pete!) who is involved in Scouting for ideas, and Bingo…we’re heading off to 4th Bracknell Sea Scouts for an evening of climbing and abseiling.

And what an evening it was!

We met up on their Cub night, and so we were able to join them on their assault course while we were waiting for the climbing equipment to be set up. When that was ready we were off! We had exclusive use of the wall that night, and as we are such a small group it didn’t take long before the whole pack was up the climbing wall and abseiling down the other side. Then it was time for a 2nd go, then 3rd…4th…we kept going well into the night. Even better than that, the 4th Bracknell team no only ran all the climbing, the leaders also insisted on supplying Akela with an almost limitless quantity of tea. Unfortunately they turned down the suggestion that they join 2nd Easthampstead!

The evening ended with a few games inside the hut, and it was big smiles all round.

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St Georges Day Parade

It’s a little known secret in scouting that our district does one of the best St Georges Day parades going. You want a prestigious location? Try the Chapel at the Sandhurst Royal Military Academy. If it’s good enough for Wills and Harry, it’ll do for us.

2nd Easthampstead, St George's Day 2007

Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and Leaders gathered for a service at the chapel, and then finished off marching around the grounds being led by a real band. Just look at the pictures.

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Out and About, April 2007

The weather looked good so we met up at the Lookout. First off we divided the group into their sixes and gave them a ball of string each. They were left to set up trails through the trees and bushes, making them as tricky to follow as possible. Then the sixes swapped over, and using their neckers as blindfolds, had a go at following each others trails. We laughed heartily as our Cubs tried to navigate themselves blindfold through the rhodedendrons!


We finished off with a wide game - cops and robbers, where the robbers were stealing rubber bands, and the cops were trying to capture them.

By the end of the evening we were all tired, dirty and bruised. Isn’t that what Scouting is all about?

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Water Activities 25th July 2006

On the last day of the summer term we met up at the Wokingham Waterside Center at the end of the A329 (Reading) for an evening of canoeing on the river Thames.

We got kitted up in our floatation aids, and then instructor Clive Pierce took us through the safety instructions, and then gave us a lesson in how to canoe. Then we hit the water…

First off we boarded a couple of Kayaks and headed off downstream. When we were in the middle of the river we stopped and Clive made us stand up one at a time and introduce ourselves. This was scary for the Cubs, but probably worse for the taller leaders! We then carried on up and down the river, and a gentle paddle quickly turned into a fierce race between the 2 Kayaks.

After this we headed back to land and boarded some Canadian style canoes. These were very scary at first as it seems that they might tip over very easily, but we soon got used to them, and it ended up with many of the Cubs standing up and paddling. The unwritten rule of Cubs is that chaos will always happen, and so a game of “soak Akela” broke out. Akela started another game called “soak the Cubs”, which wasn’t quite so successful, but he seemed to be enjoying it.

Eventually the evening wound down and we had to head back to land. Shaggy ended the evening by initiating Group Scout Leader Andy Gorham’s annual bath by pushing him into the river.

Shaggy really can run fast.

This evening was so successful that we have agreed to make it an annual event…roll on next summer!

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Night time Pond Dip, September 2006

When the Ranger agrees to take you pond dipping on a September evening it seems too rude to point out to them that it will be dark. They brought the nets, we brought the torches.


The sun set, and we started dipping our nets and emptying them into the white trays. We found loads of creepy crawlies including water beetles, whirligig beetles, and Dragonfly Larvae. Later on we found a couple of Cubs in the pond!


Ever seen a dragon fly larvae? Awesome!





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